The Celt & The Kiwi

Hi everyone!

I hope you haven’t been too worried about where we are! Checking back every day just to see if there is something here and all. Well, we’ve been rather busy. My brother got married on a beach in New Zealand last month. Tiernan and I flew down for the event just after Christmas and we have been here ever since.

The big trip is drawing to a close, however. Soon we will be winging our way back to Ireland, ‘real life’ and our ‘proper’ jobs. Before we do, we will be hiking one of New Zealand’s Great Walks – the Abel Tasman Coastal Track. It’s going to be three days of golden sands and pure, digital detoxing. Fortunately, getting regular internet while on the road in New Zealand is a feat in itself so I already feel massively detoxed.

Perhaps the sound of those golden sands has intrigued you? The good news is, we absolutely will be sharing photos, videos and stories from four weeks on the road. The catch is – you won’t find them here!

That’s right! Tiernan and I have finally invested in our hobby, bought some domain hosting and launched a brand new blog. It’s named after ourselves – Celt & Kiwi. Stepping into the world of self-hosting is scary and hasn’t been taken lightly. Perhaps the hardest decision was realising that Rachel in Ireland would not be coming with us. The new Celt & Kiwi brand is a great opportunity for Tiernan and I to work together and find that joint identity that Rachel in Ireland couldn’t muster.

I began Rachel in Ireland in August 2012 to document my travels, write articles on stuffs and basically be my online diary. It’s served me so well and I have made so many lovely friends through it. So I will be trying to salvage as many of the useful articles from it as possible: namely the ones about Working Holidays in Ireland.

The majority of email and social media messages I receive are from would be working holiday-makers. With this in mind Tiernan and I have decided to dedicate Celt & Kiwi to writing about slow travel and advice on how to live abroad anywhere, but with a particular focus on Ireland.

If you’ve made it this far thank you so much for reading my ramble. I hope to see you over at Celt & Kiwi very soon. Although we will keep Rachel in Ireland live until we have leeched off all the ‘good stuff’.

Lots of love,


Missed Flights, Lake Tekapo and Other Things You’ve Missed

Hello again!

For those of you who are still hanging out here (why? seriously, the countdown to closure is on), here are some of the things over on Celt & Kiwi that you may have missed…

New Videos on YouTube:


Piha Camping Vlog

A little late for the vlog this week, but better late than never! Tiernan has pulled together some of the best parts of our camping trip to Piha and I am really enjoying the memories.

We have written a companion post about how to camp like a kiwi (or really, camp like my family) over at Celt & Kiwi! Remember to check that out as well unless you read it back in January – in which case, you’re all good. This week’s new posts are going to be about trendy savings challenges and an awesome pub/restaurant in Bangkok – going up Tuesday and Thursday if you’re keen like mustard!

Your Irish Working Holiday

Hi everyone!

For those who missed it – we’re in the process of migrating Rachel in Ireland to its new home

We’re taking the time to read through everything on this site and updating it for 2017. Looking back, some posts are more useful than others…

The first post to be refurbished is the immensely popular post about Working Holiday Visas for Ireland. Head on over to Celt and Kiwi to check it out!



First thing – amazing! If this is your first year abroad – never fear, a working holiday is a like a baby step into the world of living abroad. You get to travel for a year and support those travels by earning money along the way. For the seasoned, Ireland offers diverse opportunities for work and a great lifestyle to go with it. It’s sure to compare with the best experiences you’ve had thus far. Think castles, countryside and lots, I mean lots, of stout…

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Tiernan’s Trip to San Sebastian

Hi everyone! Tiernan’s taking another one for the team here. Which is very pertinent since we are in THE LAST TWO WEEKS OF RACHELINIRELAND.COM – more on that this Friday.

But first, let’s have a little look around the seaside city of San Sebastian in Spain’s Basque Region. Tiernan managed to film a little bit during a quick work-related trip at the beginning of December. It looks like a beautiful little place! We will definitely try to get back there together and do some more exploring. Judging by the pub spreads, it really looks like the sort of place I need to visit!

Apparently it’s a bit like tapas, but not. The bars have food laid out. You order and drink and fill a plate, then you move on to another bar and do the same. And so on and so forth.

Apart from eating, Tiernan managed to get in a few decent walks. Two of the best tips for exploring a new European town are always:

  1. Head to the old town and,
  2. Head to the highest point

Tiernan managed to do both in one day!

Have you ever been to San Sebastian before? Any tips for a long weekend away there?