The Barcelona Dinosaur Exchange

As you know, I was in Barcelona this week. While I was there I came across a young woman from California named Kelea Somerton. I met Kelea at about 7 o´clock at night; about two hours after she had arrived at the hostel and immediately passed out in the four bed dorm Amy and I were sharing with her. Feeling pretty much the same, we did likewise.

Eventually, we all woke up. It wasn´t long before we took to chatting the usual chat one chats when staying in a hostel (Dr. Seuss-eque heh!). Who are you? Cool, I´m Rachel. Where are you from? and, most importantly, what has brought you to Barcelona?

As it transpires, Kelea is in Barcelona on a two-week long artistic mission. The project is essentially to meet people, but she´s given it a fantastic twist. Hence: the Barcelona Dinosaur Exchange.

What is it? It´s project through which Kelea is going to create mixed media art based upon interviews conducted with people while she is in the city. They will be tourists, expats, locals, friends, new friends, randoms… whoever she can persuade to give her a little bit of time.

For the participant – me – it was a two part experience. First, a short interview about some interesting life topics. Mostly me making being silly regarding a camera. Second was an exchange. This is where the dinosaurs come in. Kelea gives each of her interviewees a dinosaur and in turn they give her something back. Since I brought sweet nothing with me when I came to Barcelona I rather bashfully bequeathed a Killarney Bus Eireann ticket.

To find out more information:

The Barcelona Dinosaur Exchange
Facebook: /KelealaniCreative
Twitter: @KLaniCreative

Unfortunately, the only photo I have of the three of us is the one where we just woke up 😀


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