How to make takeout more awesome!

Pouring rose wineI’ve been on a mid-week weekend the last couple of days. Tiernan and I went down to his parent’s bach in Co. Wexford to let the beach know how much we will miss it before it gets too cold!!

On our second night there we decided to order Chinese. While Tiernan drove up to town to procure it I sneakily set up a cute table setting on the porch. In the end it wasn’t so sneaky as he came back before I was finished. But the intention was there.

The entire setting is made up of things I had lying around – my scarf plus some ribbon and chalk board I had come across at a home design store in Gorey earlier that day. All of a sudden we’re in a restaurant!

Chalkboard hearts small pegs

Fabric ribbon pink stripes

Cutlery: This is a simple touch that you can do to any dinner. The cutlery was wrapped in a paper towel and tied with ribbon. Use string or twine to give off a totally different effect.

I have a bit of a thing for ribbon at the moment. Cream City Ribbon is a gorgeous site where you can have your own designs printed. Otherwise there are plenty of Etsy sites and home stores that supply a wide range.

The chalkboard hearts were something I bought in Gorey, but they’re easy enough to find online and in a range of sizes. Coloured chalk allows you to match your message to your theme ๐Ÿ™‚

Table runners: Almost any piece of fabric seems to be transformable into a table runner. As I said before I just pulled out my scarf, but you can always put down brown baking paper or cut and paste magazine and newspaper articles. I’ll do something on those ideas another time.

Fruit: Vibrant or relaxed, a table should always have snacks! Fruit is great in this instance because it adds to the colour theme. Nuts are also excellent.

Chinese food is one of my favourite food groups (yup) to make and purchase. It lends itself to being dressed up and seems to be forever fantastically delicious. I want to try everything on the menu that doesn’t involve seafood or ducks (can’t eat the cuteness): crispy chicken, chicken skewers, sweet and sour, and fried rice! How delectable! I should have saved someย rainbow cupcakesย for dessert, but I sent them off to work with Tiernan on Wednesday ๐Ÿ˜€ Next time!

Chinese food, sweet and sour, chicken, fried rice

Sunset wexford


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