Summer is Possible: Some Sandy Irish Beaches!

Wexford sunset

Sunset in Co. Wexford

The window for swimming and sunbathing in Ireland is pretty narrow. Myself, I’ve never gotten to the point where I can go outside in less than a cardigan and jeans. In addition some of the beaches I’ve frequented have been cobblestone. Although the sun is scare, Ireland does have some pretty awesome beaches.

I thought I might put together a short photo blog with some of the sandy spots I’ve visited in the last six months.

Kiwi at Inch Beach KerryInch, Co. Kerry: 

Inch beach is about half an hour’s drive north/west of Killarney and twenty minutes east of Dingle town.

It is a gorgeous spot on a fine day with the Dingle Peninsula on your right and the Iveragh Peninsula on the left, right where the wind whips in off the Atlantic.

In the summer there are a couple of surf schools operating on the beach. Most of the time you can just rock on up and get a lesson. Lessons last at least an hour and set you back around €25-30.

Cars are allowed on the beach, but why do that when you can walk and feel the sand between your toes? :3 It’s also a spectacular sight at night driving back to Killarney from Dingle.

Inch Beach

Inch Beach on a windy day in early May

Slea Head DriveSlea Head, Co. Kerry:

When the tide is out on the Slea Head Drive there are some gorgeous golden curves to be seen!

Starting from Dingle, the Slea Head drive is about a forty minute drive on narrow roads around the tip of the Dingle Peninsula.

Sitting atop these cliffs is probably my number one favourite place in Ireland and I would definitely recommend this drive over the Ring of Kerry if one were to chose between the Kerry drives. National Geographic placed it amongst their top scenic places in the world, so you don’t have to just take my word for it.

I you do chose to drive yourself for the love of God, go with the flow. Start in Dingle and drive clockwise. You’ll save yourself trouble and embarrassment.

Slea Head

Rounding the Dingle Peninsula on the Slea Head Drive!


Brittas Bay, Co. Wicklow:

Probably only the second day ever in this country where I have actually felt hot was the day my flatmates and I piled into the car and went down to Brittas Bay. It was about a 45 minute drive from our house in South Dublin.

The day we went was very busy and people were dotted in little camps right up the beach. Our doggy companion, Jasper, instantly made a friend in a big, shaggy, black mop. The mop had one great advantage over Jasper in knowing how to swim. Dumping Jasper into the ocean was great craic. The water was freezing cold, but I will admit that you get used to it.crab on the beach

Looking out to see you get a good view of the wind farm. I used to really dislike those big white windmills, but now I find them very interesting. Sitting all alone out there in the Irish Sea. It’s a lonely life for a windmill.

The water is clear and pebbly and you take a short track from the carpark to the sand. No cars this time!

I highly recommend Jack White’s pub at the junction with the main road for their chicken wings, fries and Guinness.


White German Shepherd trying to swim

Jasper swimming… scratch that… trying to swim.

Brittas Bay Wicklow

Walking on the beach Ballyduboy Wexford

Tinnaberna, Co. Wexford:

The final beach for today is the extensive mass of sand stretching through Ballyduboy. I’m not a hundred percent sure that this is the right name as the beach is exceedingly long and probably has a bunch of names

This is where Tiernan’s parent’s holiday home (bach) is. We’ve had tonnes of fine kayaking, walking and moping about here. In September, to the very end of the summer season no matter how desperate you are to stretch it out(!), there is no one there.

Most of the beach is private access, but there are a few roads leading down to the shore. Once down there you can roam to your heart’s content. On one journey we even saw a man riding his horse. He eventually disappeared into the distance and even hours later we never saw him again.

Kayaking, county Wexford, IrelandShore Ballyduboy County Wexford Ireland


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