Things to Do in Dublin: Bog Bodies

National Museum Ireland Archaeology

Oh hello there, learning! How are you?

Yesterday le boyfriend and I went to the National Museum of Ireland: Archaeology on Kildare Street, right in the heart of Dublin’s CBD. This is the second time I’ve been here and it is one of my absolute favourite museums!

The museum has a magnificent set of permanent exhibitions which will consume a morning or afternoon getting around.

Dome museum ireland dublin

Museum archeology dublin atrium

Coming in to the museum and turning left you enter the prehistoric Ireland exhibit. I almost want to say start from the other side, because I think this is the most exciting, but we have to go chronologically. The earliest evidence for settlement in Ireland dates back to 7000 B.C.
These might look like rocks, but they are actually prehistoric tools.

Adze, axe, dublim museum

Burials Dublim museum prehistoric

Tiernan Ennis

Throwing lovingly back to my final year as an undergraduate, I finally got to see Irish bog bodies up close and… er… personal! The preservation off these men is not for the faint hearted and part of me really enjoyed the disgusted squeals of the Italian students. More than 2000 years old they look as though they could get up and come after you.

Bog body adornment

Bog boy ireland

Clonycavan Man

Bog body dublin

Blog body feet close up Dublin

Bog bodies ireland media

I also enjoyed this old map that shows just how prevalent bogs were in Ireland and just how treacherous life must have been.

Map Kildare bogs

Moving upstairs and working from your right, the museum also has a small collection of Greco-Roman and Egyptian artifacts. I particularly enjoyed seeing this in the Egyptian room. It is a model from Beni Hassan of a boat with rowers and an armed guard. One of the few wooden sculptures and diorama depicting everyday, civilian life in Ancient Egypt.

Ancient Greece

Beni Hassan rowers boat model

Also on the top floor is the Medieval Ireland exhibit with some beautiful devotional sculptures and items that would have been used in the early church.

Golden Christ figure Dublin

Madonna and child statue stone Dublin

Beautifully designed shrine Dublin museum

Personal adorment mediveal Ireland

The final room on the top floor is Tiernan’s favourite. It’s full of vikings. There is one Viking skeleton, plenty of swords and this awesome artist’s representation of what Dublin would have looked like in the early 8th century A.D. when the Vikings laid claim to Ireland.

Viking swords Dublin ireland

Viking dublin

Stone obelisk with carving

Viking baby boot Dublin Ireland

Heading back downstairs we found ourselves in the Ór, Irish gold, exhibit in the middle of the ground floor and the Treasury in three galleries to the side.

Or Irish Gold exhibit

No wonder the Vikings were so interested in this little green rock! There are some gorgeous Celtic pieces. The first time I was there a woman was sat drawing them in her sketchbook. I wish I had her talent because these photos don’t do the intricacies justice!

Hand Dublin Museum

Cane or hook heads of celtic design

Celtic art Dublin Museum

Dublim museum mosaic floor

Treasury Dublim Museum

Wheel wooden Dublin Museum

All this busy learning was followed by a well deserved pub lunch at the Duke. How delicious!

Dinner at the Duke, Dublin


3 thoughts on “Things to Do in Dublin: Bog Bodies

  1. Hello Rachel. Thank you for your article. I´m interested in the “viking ball” you saw at the museum, the crystal hold by a metal piece. Do you remember where was it found or if it has any name?

    thank you in advance


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