Arthur’s Day in Ireland

Pouring pint guinness arthurs day

We had a lovely wee Arthur’s Day here in Dublin yesterday. I don’t know what it was like elsewhere in the country, but at one of our locals -The Igo Inn – it was a reasonably quiet, pleasant evening with complimentary pig on a spit.

Pig on a spitArthur’s Day is held on the last Thursday of September. Guinness is served free or cheap in pubs across the country and as far as I could tell everyone has a merry old time. This is the fourth Arthur’s Day since it’s establishment in 2009 on the 250th anniversary of the Guinness Brewing Company.

When it gets to 17:59 one then raises their glass and yells, “To Arthur” at the top of their lungs. This didn’t really go to plan where we were, but my table managed to send up a couple of cheers throughout the evening. There wasn’t a count down or anything and I think the lack of fuss was what I liked about it.

1759The day is believed to be a marketing ploy to sell more Guinness, as if it needed any more help, and this is probably true. Since we didn’t meet any of the cheesy references to other holidays I don’t really mind if it is or is not a marketing stunt. One of the reasons we were so undisturbed is that one of the big, surprise acts was playing at a pub up the road.

In the end I got to pour my own free pint which I then proceeded to not drink and gave it to Tiernan. Happy as a clam.

Pint of guinness

Pint and chips


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