That Time I Got a Tax Number

What is a PPSN?

Your PPS Number is your Personal Public Service Number. As in most countries you have a number rather than your name to help identify you for tax, medical, educational and welfare purposes.

My Application Process

As I was in Cork and had all my paperwork with me I decided to locate the office first thing in the morning. I had to wait around a bit for it to open, take a number and then wait to be served. Not to mention, the office in Cork was somewhat of a challenge for me to find!

After I started going through the process I was informed that I should apply in the county I was residing in. So that meant I now had to traipse to Tralee and find the Kerry office. This was a lot easier although it did mean two hours on a bus from Cork and passing through Killarney only to have to bus back to it later.

There is generally only one or two places per country where you can apply for a PPSN. As you’ve no doubt worked out, mine was out of town; I had to use my day off from work to go. If you have to go out of town, make doubly sure you have everything you need. It’s a long way if you’ve forgotten something.

What happens?

To find out where your nearest office is go here.

Once there you fill out an application form in front of an administrator and provide your supporting documents for photocopying as requested. They then send away your completed application and you will receive your PPSN by mail to the address provided within a couple of weeks.

You will need

Double check what you need here on the Irish welfare website.

Helpful Links

Department of Social Protection – Where to apply, How to apply, etc.

Citizen Information Website
Places authorised to use your PPSN


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