Transport And My Lack Of Nightmares

This morning Tiernan’s bus broke down right in the middle of the road. Since it was some ungodly hour of the morning no one really minded, except Tiernan who was sleepy and cold, Old Tom who got lost trying to come out and meet him, and one of the bosses who is probably sick of Tiernan’s bus hate. After an early morning wake-up call informing me that there was a stationary bus where a stationary bus shouldn’t be I got to thinking about how I don’t have luck that poor when it comes to transport. My problems lie in the vicinity of washing machines which refuse to work and there never being any teaspoons in the drawer.

Paddywagon Ireland Bus

A green bus, not THE green bus, but a green bus and I!

It seems like everyone, absolutely everyone has told me a horror story of the Dublin Bus (this is a bit of a bus segway since Tiernan’s was green rather than yellow and blue). In reading other expat blogs I have found horror stories of the Dublin Bus. Le Boyfriend told me one about a couple of scumbag kids who had been sent up to the top and back in lieu of an actual toilet by their scumbag parents. Tiernan and his mate had opted for the avoid trouble method and say nothing approach, but two British tourists informed the driver to loud cussing and verbal abuse. The scumbags were met by gardai at the next stop.

This was supposedly on the same route I take whenever I need to catch a bus. We don’t live in the flashest part of South Dublin and the bus visits less desirable and extremely desirable spots en route to the city centre. However, in the many times I have caught the bus to and from town I have yet to be met with revulsion. I’m sorry to say that my bussing experience has been on the boring side of average. I even get to enjoy the novelty of being on a double-decker bus.

Sunrise Luas

Earlier this week I went on my first Luas ride and to add to that I managed it unaccompanied. I felt like I had achieved another little living in Dublin milestone. Tiernan drove me passed the stop the night before so I’d know where I was walking to, but for the most part I conquered catching the Luas to work on my own. At the same time sending Tiernan a bunch of txts about how much I was enjoying being on the ‘space bus’. It’s like futuristic transport! It even sounds like something out of Star Wars as it purrs into the station. They’re also PURPLE. Living like a local and like a champ! Perhaps my life isn’t complicated enough?

I’ve only had awesome experiences on public transport in Ireland. Heading into town from work on Thursday I met a Dutch chappy who had been in Carrickmines for a job interview. I love when people ask me for information. I love it more when I am able to answer their questions. This fellow asked me if you could get to the Luas from The Park. The answer turned out to be “No.” Necessary information communicated we spent the rest of the time at the Luas stop discussing life in Ireland. All in all another victory in the life of a commuter! Touch Wood!

DART Dublin

I haven’t been on the DART yet, but one day I will have!




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