Things To Do In Dublin: Autumn Walks

When I was going into town on Monday I took my camera with me. I knew the leaves were turning at St. Stephen’s Green and I really wanted to take some photographs. Of course, the weather saw me get my camera out of its case and clouded over. By the time I got off the Luas the rain was really threatening!

St Stephen's Green Dublin

Faiche Stiabhna, St. Stephen’s Green, has been a part of Dublin for over four hundred years. It was created in 1664, prior to which the popular park was just mushy grassland used for grazing. There are so many interesting statues, features and stories regarding St. Stephen’s Green that I would hate to spoil you by giving you them all right now. So you’re only getting one!

Falling leaves stephens green dublin

Lake at St Stephen's Green

The story is that the grazing at St. Stephen’s Green was so fantastic and produced sheep who were so outstanding in their field (ho ho ho) that it was considered a privilege to be able to shepherd a flock there. It was so special that only those granted the Freedom Of The City were allowed to bring their sheep to graze. Of course over time the city limits changed, the park was created and the surrounding land marked for great Georgian buildings. Farmers are no longer able to bring their sheep to the green for grazing – sheep legs are too short for the journey.

Autumn st stephens green dublin

Lake st stephen's green dublin

Autumn trees Stephen's Green

Until the twenty-first century that is! Granted the Freedom of the City in 2000, Bono decided to exercise his right to sheep in Dublin’s common spaces and along with the lads from U2 brought two lambs to graze in St. Stephen’s Green. Shameless publicity stunt as it probably was he did have the right. I’d have done it. I think sheep would lend something to these scenes.

Trees st stephen's green Dublin

Bridge st stephens green dublin

Fountain St Stephen's Green

Sheep jokes aside I continued to able along the leave strewn avenues of the park. After half an hour of walking about I came across some very large babies following their parents around!

Five swans in a line

Swan feeding stephens green dublin

Swan portrait stephens green dublin

Stephens Green Dublin

As I left the park and walked down Grafton Street the skies opened. For once I had my umbrella with me – worth a celebration itself. I took some quick photos that in know way show you how wet it was and made for Paddy’s Palace on the other side of the Liffey where I could huddle for an hour or two. There’s something homely about a bunch of people in one place with their umbrellas out. Reminds one that everyone is in the same boat!

Ivy covered building Stephen's Green Dublin

Grafton Street Dublin

Grafton Street

Stephen's Green Shopping Centre

Flowers Grafton Street

Most of the street performers had packed up by the time I arrived, but these chappies were persisting by the statue of Molly Malone.

Street performers Grafton Street Dublin


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