Backyard Photo Essay

This afternoon the rain cleared and the sun came out. Second really bright day this week, so all those people who think it’s never sunny in Ireland – take that! I just went for a quick walk down to Killiney Beach. I haven’t done much photography with my SLR recently; firstly because Tiernan gave me a Fujifilm point’n’shoot I’ve been testing panoramas on (cos I’m too lazy to paste together my millions of SLR panorama pics), and secondly I’ve just been to tired after finishing work at 9am so I would go home and nap through the remaining daylight hours. For the first time really this month my camera and I went walking. Backed up by the Rooster Teeth podcast I love so much.

Anyway, context aside, here is a photo essay of my neighbourhood this afternoon. Enjoy x

Killiney church Dublin

Red door Dublin Autumn leaves Dart tunnel dublin

Killiney Church

Killiney Beach Tunnel

Dart Killiney Hill

Eave Explosion Dublin

 Autumn leaves dublin

Bray Head Sunset

And for Lord of the Rings fans… Lothlorien!

Lothloren Dublin


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