PubTime: Igo Inn, Ballybrack [and rant on being an expat]

Igo Inn Ballybrack Village

This is definitely more of a local rant than a review. Not because I don’t thoroughly think people should go to this pub, because I do, just that it is very much a local pub in the middle of suburban South Dublin and there really isn’t much reason for tourists to be there. I’ve been wanting to write about it for a while and was really motivated to do so today due to some pretty unusual circumstances. I had gotten to the point in Killarney and it was just starting to happen here in Dublin that I could give directions to locals and tourists alike. I don’t think people who aren’t living as expats will appreciate just how cool it is to finally have been somewhere long enough that you know it like the second home it should be.

Well today when I was walking about taking pictures for the article before this one (Backyard Photo Essay) a mini cooper with a you Irishman and woman in it stopped while I was next to Killiney church (taking photos of the ground!) to ask me how to get up Killiney Hill from there. And I couldn’t tell them! I can’t tell you how bummed I am about that. It was a bit dispiriting. I mean, I could play it off as a tourist. But I don’t want to play it off. I want to know!

But yes, since I’ve been talking about staying at home today I guess it’s time to mention one of the locals. The Igo Inn has been le boyfriend and le boyfriend’s friend’s local since they could legally purchase alcohol across a bar. We particularly like it for it’s rather punny name.

Recently refurbished it is a very clean and tidy pub. We spent Arthur’s Day here and had a very lovely time with their pig roast in the beer garden. By Beer Garden the Igo means a paved area to the side with a big screen print with leaves on it, which I think is awesome. The best part of this place is that they offer pub snacks and a full menu before 8pm. I’m a big fan of fries when I go to a pub. I think a table should have snack on it – just as a general rule. A pint is synonymous with chips (fries).

Pint and chips

But the Igo offers more than just food. They broadcast sports live on their several screens, so you can pick what you want to watch. Normally football and rugby in season. Don’t let that put you off if you’re not the world’s biggest sports fan. You can get your hands on some practical pub games with pool, poker and darts. Or you could wait for Friday and Saturday nights when the pub hosts live music.

I’m sure Tiernan would not agree with me using the term ‘sophisticated pub’ since I never saw it before it’s refurbishment. But I’ve been there many times now and I like its clean, fresh look and its quiet corners. It’s completely suited to meeting up with a bunch of mates or just having some one on one drinks. So there you go, it’s sophisticated. Ethnographically, the Igo is within walking distance of some very big economic differences. You have estate housing mixed with home owners in Loughlinstown and Ballybrack on one hand, on the other you have some of the wealthiest people in Ireland in Killiney. All of these people could, should they choose, to frequent the Igo. If they do, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. It’s a do your own think kind of pub. I suppose you can say that of most places provided you stay away from the tender topics in a Belfast-esque way (no religion, politics or sports… and maybe no stock markets).

Igo INn Bally Brack Village Dublin

Anywho – The Igo Inn is owned by the same company – John Brady Group – which owns other local pubs in South Dublin (notably Baker’s Corner, another slightly further away ‘local’). All the pubs I’ve visited in this group so far have been really well run with really awesome food. Keep them coming and I’ll keep coming back!

Essential Details

Location: Military Road, Ballybrack Village, Dublin 18
When to go: Whenever you like
Specialty: Full menu of deliciousness


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