Things To Do In Cork: Cobh

Cobh is the beautiful seaside gateway to the Atlantic for Cork City. Our coach pulled up at about 3 pm on a weekend and we spent an hour walking about the quaint sea front sipping hot chocolates.

The only way in to Cobh is by road from Cork City or by ferry at Portwest, on the opposite bank of the River Lee and a little further inland. We took the Cork road, which is a really easy drive along the river.

Cobh, formerly known as Queenstown, was the last port of call for the Titanic before it set off on its fateful maiden voyage.

We visited the deck of cards, the housing made famous by this photo of the Titanic. There are a number of sweet, Titanic themed museums to visit, including the former White Star Liner buildings right on the water. That is one of the main reasons people visit the town today.

Imagining the Titanic moored just off the coast isn’t difficult as the ferry to France makes its way through the narrow channels. In 1912, Cobh was known as Queenstown, the last mooring of the Titanic before she set out on her doomed maiden voyage. 100 years later, the town is a lot quieter.

Cobh is vibrant and bright, and although it’s seafront playground probably has one too many park benches, I’m sure they get well used during Summer!

In the center of town is a statue commemorating those lost during the sinking of the RMS Lusitania. Looking very similar to the famine memorial statues in Dublin, it is one of several statues on Cobh’s waterfront. There seems to also be a theme of ships and their sinking in this town!

The old railway station has been made up into a lovely open plan cafe with craft stores galore. Outside is the stature of Annie Moore, the first person to register on Ellis Island, New York. The young girl escorted her two younger brothers across the Atlantic to meet their parents, who had already made the journey. One of the brothers is shown to be pointing towards New York where the statue’s twin stands.

We only stopped there for an hour, but it was nice to walk about the waterfront and have some fun with some local kids who ran passed us quoting lines from Sminky Shorts! After the hot chocolates were finished we piled back on the bus and headed back to Dublin.


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