Expat Hub Feature: A Kiwi in Ireland

Good news, guys! I have been writing myself around the internet, because I love telling people about travel. Not only that, really, I love letting people know that getting up and going is possible at any time of life and to any location on the planet. Luckily The Expat Hub thinks so too. They have published my expat bio on their wonderful, resource filled website. Check it, check it!

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Expat Hub: A Kiwi In Ireland


When I landed in Dublin nine months ago Iā€™d just expended my one-way ticket from New Zealand. I had a few hundred Euro in my wallet and my first three nights of hostel accommodation booked. The decision to leave New Zealand permanently had come very naturally to me. Having grown up as an expat kid in the jungles of South-East Asia, returning home had never felt just that ā€“ like returning home.

Powerscourt Waterfall


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