Once again in Glendalough

Glendalough winter Ireland
Perhaps it’s just the nature of winter, but things are getting fair depressing. Today le boyfriend quit his job to come home to New Zealand with me in February. That’s a big thing. It’s certainly not a decision I take for granted! Personally, I’m not crazy about working in a large clothing store on the registers, but I know it’s one less than cool job that will help me get to the one I want to fill. 2013 is going to be crazy, as if moving to Ireland in 2012 was not enough!

This brings me to Glendalough. It’s one of my favourite spots. It’s an epiphany spot (and St. Kevin agreed). I’ve written about it before. If I have to do some thinking, even if I can’t get there, I think of a waterfall at the end of a V-shaped valley and a crystalline lake. I really wanted to share it with you again.

Much love and enjoy the photos x

On a lighter note: I have figured out where all the lost socks go in the washing machine! You will never guess.

Glendalough faeries

Tiernan tells me that these little rings of leaves are portals to the Faerie World.

frozen leaves glendalough

forest glendalough

glenview Glendalough robin

graveshadow goats

peekaboo Glendalough Rachel Farndon

goats glendalough wild


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