Killkenny at Twilight

Last week I stopped in Killkenny for an early dinner at Langton’s (which was om nom nommy!). Unfortunately, with most of my time being spent eating and watching the broadcast of the Irish budget, I didn’t get to see all that much. I can’t wait to go back because Killkenny is steeped in history having developed from a monastic settlement into a major urban centre.


The Christmas market was closed while I was there (another shame) as were the castle grounds. But give me faerie lights and I’m sold, boy does Killkenny know how to use lighting! There are plenty of must do’s for my next visit. Killkenny was granted city status in 1609 and the locals are quite proud of that attribution! Everyone in the county seems to be a dab hand at crafts with Killkenny being the iconic name for the trendy, often pricey, Irish-made stores around Ireland. Killkenny has it’s own stout beer – self-named, of course – and there are many historic churches and cathedrals that document Ireland’s long history.

That’s it for my speal though. I feel like without pictures of myself doing thumbs-up next to all Killkenny’s notables a lesson on history would be anti-climactic. So I will give you some twilight photos documenting my walk back from food to transportation 🙂

Oh, I almost forgot to give a shout out to the shopkeeper of Killkenny Crystal (opposite Killkenny Castle) who turned on the lights only after I had been in the shop a few minutes. Got to save power on a boring Monday evening!

Killkenny castle

 killkenny castleKillkenny castle


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