Killarney for Christmas: Ross Castle

Ross Castle Ireland killarney

Pre-Christmas holiday time! I have been away this weekend; heading back with Tiernan into Co. Kerry. It was fantastic to see all my favourite spots again, including a walk around the Killarney National Park.

We drove up to Ross Castle Sunday morning because it was threatening to rain. It wasn’t particularly cold, but it was incredibly grey. While there we saw a single rainbow going half the way and the rather snobby swan who just wouldn’t pose for a photo!

Swan killarney

Other than some hardened souls out for a morning row and a few people dog-walking we were the only ones there. So we took to creeping about the castle dodging showers. At one stage we huddled in a little doorway that was perfectly sized for me, but far too tiny for Tiernan!

map lough leane killarney

Rainbow killarney

Ross Castle is on a peninsula protruding in to Lough Leane about a twenty minute walk from Killarney town. The original castle was built in the fifteenth century by the local ruling family, the O’Donoghue’s. After the last rulers were evicted in the late 1600s Ross Castle became a barracks and remained one until the early nineteenth century.

Wikipedia tells me a small element of a local legend I am keen to learn more about:

There is a legend that Oโ€™Donoghue leaped or was sucked out of the window of the grand chamber at the top of the castle and disappeared into the waters of the lake along with his horse, his table and his library. It is said that Oโ€™Donoghue now lives in a great palace at the bottom of the lake where he keeps a close eye on everything that he sees.

I think I have seen the park in almost every weather possible, except maybe snow. I really loved living in Killarney and it was great to be back after five months in Dublin.

Sorry about the low quality photos, turns out I didn’t back up my edits. Paddy’s Wagon has some great, sunny shots! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love x

bridge killarney ireland

cannon jump killarneu

Ross castle killarney Killarney Ross Castle Ross Castle Killarney

Boats Killarney


2 thoughts on “Killarney for Christmas: Ross Castle

  1. Photos are great Rachel. I had a very special day at Ross Castle on a beautiful sunny day. [Click on Paddy’s Wagon if you want to read about it] The whole area is stunning, but of course you already know that having lived there for a while.


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