The Longest Day Ever

I have been offline recently due to a trip to New Zealand which happened on Tuesday and ended on Thursday. Flying to New Zealand involves some 28 hours of air time, three international transfers, four stop overs (that’s about 7 hours ground time), travelling between 5 countries and Feb 6 going MIA. We left on Tuesday evening on a Eithad flight from Dublin to Brisbane and then Air New Zealand from Brisbane to Auckland, arriving in the afternoon of Thursday.

Things I LOVE About Flying

  • A good thing about flying with Eithad was the necessary refueling in Abu Dhabi which meant our longest flight was – 8 hours as opposed to 19.
  • Aeroplane food 😀
  • New release movies (although Eithad wasn’t as good as Air New Zealand for that!)
  • Playing Battleship between seats
  • Sleeping masks
  • Quality time with a book

Things I HATE About Flying

  • Entitled People – including pretentious frequent flyers who have no patience for people who don’t know what they’re doing (observed); and people who get upset because their meal choice has run out due to them being at the back of the plane in the cheapest seats (you want first choice, you pay for it).
  • And off shoot of above: I hate people who argue with flight attendants. They’re not your slaves. Say please and thank you or I’ll applaud when they through you out the airlocked doors into the night.
  • Douchebags – people who leave lockers open before take off after faffing about with their bag, people who kick your seat, people who have no sense of personal space.
  • TRYING TO SLEEP. The worst feeling is thinking or feeling you need to sleep and just being unable to. The reason I can never sleep well on planes is less due to the tiny coach class seats and more due to the roar of the engines.
  • Eithad’s small choice of entertainment when they were our long haul flights and then jumping on to our last flight between Brisbane and Auckland with Air New Zealand to find their comfy seats and unbelievable choice in entertainment.
  • Sweatiness :3

I guess my ideal flight has no one else on board 🙂

It seems like there is more to dislike about flying than like. It really wasn’t that bad, but if I can help it I won’t be doing that long haul again. I think it would really be worth the extra cost to break your journey somewhere for a shower and a good night’s sleep. Especially when you can feel your patience ebbing away!

Oh well, at least we landed safely and are now free for a few weeks to explore the country. No more snow 😦 time to whip out the shorts and t-shirts!

Rachel sun


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