Sunny San Gimignano

How delicious is Tuscany in the sun? And the winter sun is crisp and fresh in the medieval town on San Gimignano. It was one of my favourite spots when I first visited as a teenager and returning was just as good. Winter is a fantastic time to travel because there is hardly anybody around yet there are enough stores open to keep you fuelled on gelato and paninis.

san gimignano italy

door tuscany door tuscany door tuscany

gecko tsucany

well tuscany

pigeon tuscany

After a morning dash to push over the Leaning Tower of Pisa we made our way through the back roads of Tuscany to San Gimignano. We parked up at the bottom of the hill – got to have some exercise – and walked up to the walled town entrance. We sat outside the town gates to consume our daily gelato and marvelled at the town’s towers (a mine’s bigger than yours competition between medieval town’s people).

san gimignano

tuscany italy

italy gelato italy san gimignano italy tuscany

san gimignano italy

san gimignano tuscany

san gimignano italy bar san gimignano italy san gimignano italy

san gimignano well  well san gimignano


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