Quick Pizza in Pisa

One thing Tiernan really wanted to do in Italy – well the only thing he really picked out himself πŸ˜› – was getting pizza in Pisa. Now, we both know that pizza and Pisa are really not all that associated, nevertheless we went.

It’s a great idea to get out there early. We left Florence at about 8am and drove out, beating most of the tour coaches, to get there by 9am. We walked about, took the requisite pushing over/holding up the tower photos and then grabbed a cappuccino at a cafe with tower views.

pisa italy

pisa italy

pisa italypisa italypisa italy

pisa italy

Tiernan was worried that the Leaning Tower of Pisa would not live up to expectations. We were often told that it was actually a bit disappointing, really small. That’s not how we felt when we drove up to it – you can see it from the motorway. Contrary to everything we’d heard – it was awesome! We were really impressed by the… feat of… architectural mishap that was the tower. I really do recommend going – but do it early and avoid the groups.

You can go up the tower, but this seemed to us an unnecessary expense. I mean, it’s not all the high and you can’t really photograph the lean without being on the ground. So spend up elsewhere. An hour is all you’ll need here, max, then get out and see the rest of Tuscany πŸ˜€


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