Things to Do in Auckland: Auckland Zoo

peacock auckland zoo

At €25 per adult (getting in on a student ID for €20) why pass up Auckland Zoo? Featuring a newly opened New Zealand area (Te Wao Nui) the Auckland Zoo is modern and stylish with it’s hands firmly up for conservation. It began on the fringes of Auckland over 16 hectares in Western Springs, but was eventually swallowed by suburban Auckland. Now it is only a short bus ride from the centre of town to this inner city wilderness.

I have been coming here since I was a tyke and the transformation it has gone through – new pridelands, new tiger enclosures, new kiwi house – has been amazing. So my brother Jack and I took my boyfriend Tiernan to check it out and get up close with some animals (both native and not so much) that he hadn’t seen before.

tiernan tortoise auckland zoo

jack farndon tiernan ennis auckland zoo

Allow a good three hours to get around, including stops at favourite animals and a lunch break. It’s also best to go early in the morning (at least in summer to avoid the heat) and beat most of the crowds (of toddlers) who, although cute, aren’t what you’re here to see (when you’re in your mid twenties). If you do come with the kiddies, there are heaps of activities and kid friendly windows as well as a petting zoo and two playgrounds.

All the big names are out: lions and tigers… red pandas – oh my! Spotting the kiwi can take some patience and once you do see him remember to tell the people who have just entered.

You can always count on the zoo to be one fabulous day out. Here are some animals for you to enjoy 🙂

elephant auckland zoo giraffe auckland zoo spider monkey auckland zoo tortoise auckland zoo tiger auckland zoo meerkat auckland zoo flamingo auckland zoo meerkat auckland zoo

sea lion auckland zoo


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