Lunar New Year: Auckland’s Lantern Festival

This is going to be a long one! Especially considering this blog layout makes portrait pictures HUGE! But I do hope you can see them because the Auckland Lantern Festival was fantastic. For three evenings, as the sun goes down, Albert Park lights up. There is food available from every corner of Asia and it seems as though everyone in Auckland is squeezing in to the green between Auckland University and the city center.

Most proud purchase were the ridiculously cute hats – Pikachu and a Panda with mittens! Can’t wait for winter to arrive!

penguin lantern auckland

chick lantern auckland

dragon lantern auckland

swan lantern auckland

japanese lantern auckland

fish lantern auckland

swan lantern auckland

auckland lantern festival

auckland lantern festival 2013

rachel auckland lantern festival tiernan auckland lantern festival

lantern green auckland shillouette black lantern auckland

seahorse auckland lantern

kid goose lantern scene auckland

goldfish lantern auckland


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