Things to do in Taupo: Huka Falls

‘Huka’ is the Maori word for foam and that couldn’t be a more accurate description. This waterfall sees the normally 100 metre wide Waikato river squeeze through a 20 metre wide gorge and over an 11 metre drop. This is what 220,000 litres a second looks like – a dazzling aqua coloured pool at the base of a white out falls.

Huka Falls

Huka falls is one of New Zealand’s most popular attractions. It’s completely free, accessed off State Highway 1, 5 minutes north of Taupo in Wairakei Park. Taupo marks the start of the mighty Waikato River – New Zealand’s longest at 425km long – which ends at Port Waikato near Auckland and Huka Falls is the largest falls en route to the sea. Taking a river cruise or jet boat up the river gets you up close and person while other spectators watch from the river banks. There are options for the thrill hungry and the pleasure jaunter.

Huka Falls

Huka falls


Travelling to the park by car: Free
Huka Jet: $109 per adult for half hour tour
River Cruise” $35 per adult for 1.5 hour cruise


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