In love with Firenze

florence italy

I honestly don’t know why this post has taken me so long to get up because Florence was just so beautiful. And fun. And amazing.

It was my second time here in the heart of Tuscany, Tiernan’s first, but it was still more adventure than home coming. The first challenge was finding a place to park. We opted for a parking building just up from the train station and walked our suitcases to the hotel in the restricted driving part of town – literally one block from the Duomo. Simply divine. Now, I do recommend this method of attacking Florence now that I’ve done it once. We spent about €60 across three days to keep the car in the parking building. It was safer than leaving it on the street to be sure and, when factored with our lovely hostel private room, still cheaper than staying in an actual hotel with a carpark. We parked up at about 10pm on a Thursday night and retrieved it at about 8am on Saturday morning for our drive around north Tuscany. We then parked up overnight Saturday and left Florence Sunday morning. So it was quite a bit of parking, but well worth the peace of mind.

duomo florence

Well that’s enough car talk. I want to talk about Florence. I just haven’t enough adjectives to do it justice. The food is great, the sights are great, I just feel like there is a million things to do and even three days wasn’t enough. This is because I am quite happy to just sit and stare at a wall in Florence. Every day started with chocolate filled pastry and ended with some fabulous form of pasta. I’m drooling remembering it! It simply lends itself to being photographed and poor Tiernan had to follow me around and around as I ventured after shots. Hopefully it was worth it. I sure had a blast!

Excuse me while I force you to scroll through this travel album 🙂 Just a tiny selection of my favourite shots from the morning where Tiernan and I climbed the tower next to the Duomo – a major source of TERROR for me! Over 400 steps. I was coping with vertigo even inside the concrete walls. By the time I got to the top I couldn’t face going outside, so Tiernan took a couple of lovely snaps on my behalf. As if that wasn’t bad enough the bells tolled noon as I was trying to make my weary footed decent 🙂 TERROR!

duomo florence view

duomo florence

duomo florence


Uffizi Gallery Piazza della Signoria

We captured Florence from as many angles as possible. I made Tiernan dash across the city to make it up to Piazzale Michelangelo in time for sunset. It was so worth it though. There was beer and ice cream and street music. Even in winter it was absolute bliss and I wish I could stay in that moment forever.

Tiernan florenceView Florence

sunset florence


Even after the sun went down it was a long walk back into town. We kept stopping for all sorts of lovely things like Guinness and photos!Ponte Vecchio

Rachel and Tiernan







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