My Five Times Tables

I was so excited and looking forward to writing my birthday post on April 3rd. I went away with Tiernan on a lovely weekend of adventure to Rotorua. Then when I came back I got tonsillitis. But unlike normal people who get days of bed rest and ice cream I had to try and work through it! Hence no birthday posts 😦 But I really do want to tell you my thoughts on turning 25. So here is my belated birthday post…

My quarter century has always been looked forward to. I was never apprehensive about leaving my teens or becoming an adult. I’ve always wanted to get to this age in particular. I think what I am most excited about is that I can now hire a car without being punished for youth (I know I’m not the only person who thinks this is awesome)! It seems as though I am finally able to ‘do stuff’. Take control and responsibility for my life as an equal member of society! I also have the infinite benefit of having had my quarter-life crisis early, at about 23, and have emerged as the well rounded human being you read before you.

I’m proud of my life. Really proud. And like Julia here I think 25 is a very important year – vintage if you will. Yet I feel pretty isolated in taking the quarter century plunge as I feel as though I am on a different path to many of my (Facebook) friends. “I must face the fact that they’re coming. The marriage proposals and the weddings and the babies are coming, and they’re not slowing down for anyone.” Thanks, Julia, I feel loads better. But she’s right.

You know, I can’t tell you how many proposals have happened this summer just gone. How many gummy grins have spawned forth to expand my circle of acquaintance. Tiernan could I’m sure. He’s probably taking a secret tally of every rage I’ve had over the 2012/13 engagement season. The truth is – I’m doing 25 a bit differently.

rachel tiernan tarawera

Rachel at 25 years old: April 3, 2013

  • I have a lovely Irishman who left his home to travel to New Zealand with me.
  • I’m looking forward to a lovely weekend away doing adventures and seeing sights in Rotorua.
  • There’s a new job on the horizon in a new country. It’s exciting and scary as I look forward to 9 months. I’m moving to the Philippines in a couple of weeks – on my own.
  • I’ve just completed a working holiday in Ireland where I discovered the place I want to spend the rest of my life.
  • I have a lovely little spot in the blog universe where I can put down my pictures and thoughts for some lovely and thoroughly interesting readers.
  • I haven’t lost any hair in ten years.
  • I’m laying the foundations for the rest of my life.

I guess it’s true that this is really the beginning of the next chapter. I don’t know for sure where I’ll be by my next multiple of five birthday but I can see that the next five years is for building my career, and my relationship – just having fun!

20 years old, 3 April 2008

  • I completed my final year at university studying Archaeology and Ancient History. It was a struggle and I was full of anxiety.
  • There was great stuff too, not only getting my degree and going to grad school, I went to Egypt with my classmates and had a blast learning and just having fun.
  • Increasing excitement for the following year where I would turn 21 and throw a party for all my friends. Everyone loves fun.

15 years old, 3 April 2003

  • Went on my first student exchange, to Japan, where my feet got incredibly itchy and I have traveled somewhere almost every year since.
  • Started racing Ministocks at Waikaraka Park Speedway – that’s dirt track cars for those who don’t know.
  • I didn’t fit in at school. I was bullied a lot, by students and teachers, and as a result I lost a lot of hair and self esteem. But I enjoyed learning and got good grades. I was counting down to university and planning my escape.

10 years old, 3 April 1998

  • My family moved to Brunei Darussalam in South East Asia. My tenth birthday was spent in a hotel in Bali. It was hot, too hot, and I really didn’t like it πŸ™‚
  • I developed Trichotillomania, an OCD where you pull at your hair… until you lose it.

5 years old, 3 April 1993

  • I already had a two and a half year old brother, but I got another one, one month later!
  • I started school.
  • I still watched a lot of Thomas.
  • My family moved into the house we still share in Auckland.
  • I met some of the friends I still know today.

Zero, 3 April 1988

  • I was born in Auckland over Easter 1988. I didn’t get any chocolate, but I had an awesome view of the Easter Show lights.
  • Spent two years as an only child. Watched a lot of Thomas the Tank Engine. Even had my own slot car, electric race track.

5 thoughts on “My Five Times Tables

  1. Rachel, you’re awesome πŸ˜€ You’ve accomplished so much in your 25 years so you have good reason to feel proud of your life thus far. I admire your courage going off to a South East Asian country on your own but I know you’ll take it all in your stride. In my next life I want to be an archaeologist & learn so much more about ancient history so I am envious that you have studied my two favourite subjects. I also have a sister who has Trichotillomania & like you, she hasn’t let that or the bullying she endured at school to stop her from achieving like you. This was a great post Rachel. Thanks for letting us know a little more about you. All the best for you & your Irish Man & your future.


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