I Apologise.


I have definitely been off the grid recently. My grand plans of talking about my lovely weekend in Rotorua with Tiernan were completely taken over by illness and, as you know, I practically missed talking about my birthday. This is because I have emigrated… Again. This time to Manila, Philippines.

Here is the view from my 27th storey window. Isn’t it fantastic? An incredible mix of slums, houses, greenspace and highrises all mismatched across this massive city. When I walk to work I am amid a throng of cars and bikes and people. It’s chaos, but so exciting. !

I got in last night at the disorientating time of 9pm and hopefully I will be able to share my discoveries as I discover them. It is strange being back on my Samsung Galaxy, no computer, no iphoto. Fitting. Raw footage, raw just like this city 🙂 This could be the start of a new ‘explore’ section!


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