I am sitting on the bed in my hotel room – day 13 of 21 there – the count down is well under way and the pressure is on to find an apartment. At work I am studying hard for an induction test on Wednesday. Apartment hunting in Makati 101 coming up this week! Looking forward to sharing my experience with you and hoping to hear your feedback, suggestions and ideas to help people new to Manila πŸ™‚

After a really full on two weeks, learning everything from scratch in work and life, you can imagine how keen and thrilled I was to be invited away for a weekend at Lake Taal by a local expat family!

We took of via the skyway and motorway to Talisay, about an hour and a half away. Arriving in darkness left a mystery for the morning. We woke up to an amazing view across the lake – active volcano and all! We could not wait to get out on the water for paddleboarding and wind surfing. The water, ok, was not so flash up close, but the waterfront pool more than made up for it.

Then, when evening fell, all the guests pooled together for a huge buffet dinner on the lawn. There was pork roast, at least three different types of skewered delicious, salads and curries! Divine! As the poker table drank the night away, I managed to finish my second Ella Griffin book in two weeks – just to keep my Irish side fresh in mind.

flowers, lake, taal, philippines

lake, taal, philippines

lake, taal, philippines

kite, boat, lake, taal, philippines

road, taal, kate, talisay, philippines

lake, taal, philippines

fruit, tree, philippines

sailing, lake, taal, philippines

lake, taal, philippines

bbq, food, cooking, taal, lake, philippines

dinner, food, cooking, meet

bbq, taal, philippines

taal, volcano, boat, lake,philippines

sun, tree, shadow, photography, philippines

paddle, board, water, sport, philippines

Happy Mother’s Day to mums all around, but extra special one to my mummy, Debra, back in wintery Auckland! And a big thanks to Tiernan for uploading all my photos for me x



Photo Journal: Lake Taal

One thought on “Photo Journal: Lake Taal

  1. Very nice photos. It’s not the typical images from Taal you would usually see. It’s quite refreshing.
    I’m looking forward your Makati apartments 101 because I might just move there soon.


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