Tali Beach Team Build

Some of my work mates and I spent the weekend at Tali Beach, a private subdivision in Batangas, on a team building exercise. And by team building I mean drinking, eating good food and cliff diving – not all at the same time of course.

holiday home, tali, philippines

When we got there we were provided with welcome fruit! I have to say that was very welcome indeed after the bumpy van ride!

The first thing my workmate Ash and I did was go for a walk to find the beach. After many winding turns and feeling as though we were doubling back, we found Main Beach. I had assumed Tali Beach would be one beach. Really it is a series of coves. Our recon meant we found a short cut – that is to say, the correct way – home so when the group went for a sunset swim we did not get lost! I also got stung in the mouth by a flying bug of some description. I really hurt, but I managed to work out the route through landmarks of pain. Oh yeah, I remember that house, I got stung outside it. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ



tali, sunset, philippines

night, holiday home, philippines, tali

Despite some people having a very late nigt on Saturday we all went in search of the reputed Tali cliffs as there was a general desire to do some jumping off them. About ten minutes into the van ride round the division to the cliffs I was regretting coming. Our driver had no idea where he was going, the girls planning the trip weren’t 100% either, and then the driver drove way too close to the edge of a cliff for my comfort.

Near death experience aside we eventually found the spot and piled out of the car. The cliffs were smooth sandstone and the water was deep and crystal clear. I am not one for jumping off things, but the water was screaming “come on in”! When we were in, it was like swimming in a giant, tidal bath!


We spent an hour basking on the cliffside before heading down to a private cove that looked as though it had once aspired to something. I can safely say that we left knowing a bit more about what makes each other tick and I am so glad that I was invited, despite being the newbie! Thanks Teamย Manila!




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