Snapshot: Guess what?

If you don’t recognise this, for shame!

Tiernan and I went here on my birthday trip in April and it is one of the most awesome locations in the world! More shots and a tale this week.

I owe you a lot of stories. Marseille, Siena, the lost photos from Venice I found last weekend on my memory card. Since I have scheduled some quiet weekends I need to think of something interesting to talk about. This week is travel retrospective; a few things from Europe I wanted to talk about, but didn’t. A few stories from Ireland that can finally grace the wall of this blog!

If you have any suggestions for things you would like to see relating to Manila and the Philippines, let me know. I am planning a trip to the weekend markets which promises to be colorful! Please leave me some comments.

Looking forward to sharing some photos and stories while Manila thunders and the rainy season rolls in 🙂



Snapshot: Guess Where I’ve Been!

4 thoughts on “Snapshot: Guess Where I’ve Been!

    • You will be sure to have a lot to post about! I have a bit of blog rvamping to do – haven’t edited my headings as I am blogging from my tablet and it is such a burden! But I am in Manila until June 2014, so my irish posts are on hold until then 🙂


  1. Can’t wait for the movie either! This looks amazing. Would love to go there too! Is it a big place? Aaah, this really makes me jealous. 🙂


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