They say that people visit Hobbiton for one of two reasons: because they love the movies and/or books, or to make a friend who loves the movies and/or books jealous.But that really is the point, you don’t have to know anything about Lord of the Rings to enjoy Hobbiton. The location is so much more than a film set.

After purchasing your tickets at the shop we waited for our guide on the lawn or in the cafe, batting away flies. Tours leave regularly from the official Hobbiton meeting post that is well sign posted all the way from Matamata. When the guide calls we all pile on to a rather decrept bus and it winds its way a kilometer up the road through farmland. The guide points out where the trailers were and other notable notes before we got out first view of Hobbiton down a steep incline.

The tour is quite rigid and fast paced with limited time for meandering, but our guide, Sam made up for it with his storied and knowledge of the life of the location both as a farm and as one of the most iconic landscaoes in film.

Hobbit holes are tidily maintained and made to last props make you think Bilbo could be back any day πŸ™‚ Except he won’t because he metaphorically dies at the end of Lord of the Rings, spoiler alert.

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Β The group we were with was large and ran out of patience really quicky. Who can blame them once we learned what was waiting for us at the end! Pints! That’s rigt, real life pints at the real life Green Dragon, beckoning us from across the water.

After circling up around Bag End and down past Ssm’s house on to the party field you could practically taste it. And I feel like I can’t do it justice, because the pub itself was beautiful inside and out. It was like being back in Ireland, it seemed like they were playing Irish music, anyway. That was where all the craic on the tour had been hiding. The woman on the bar even let Tiernan pretend to hijack a keg.

Hobbiton 27123_10151577158806703_1677910223_n154308721Window Green Dragon Sign Post575730_10151577160151703_1623122336_n815702995541856_10151577131826703_1922973861_n

Hobbiton 306050_10151577126201703_1123439599_n564551_10151577130666703_1162692652_n

Hobbit was so fantastic, and fun, friendly that I can’t recommend it enough. Best hundred bucks spent during my birthday weekend trip to Rotorua!



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