Lost Files of Marseille

I think, as a destination, Marseille is often underrated when it comes to the south of France. Sure, it’s urban and it’s dirty (very dirty – faeces in the street dirty), but it was part of our holiday where we had some of the best fun and met the most interesting people.

We iphone naved our way into the center of town to Pitchounette & Olives, a guest house on the hill just below the famed cathedral. It is run by a lovely woman who is admittedly a bit mad. She did a jig when we offered to pay cash, early, and with a tip! It was very endearing! The guest house itself is out the back of a multistory apartment building and has three quaint bedrooms and a common room containing everything imaginable. You could spend a day investigating the knick knacks or playing the peculiar instruments available for guest amusement. Even better was the fact we were travelling in winter and had the guest house to ourselves for two whole nights.

The night we chose to explore the the Old Port (and it’s three Irish pubs) we were treated to a spectacular sunset! I guess our defining memories are rather odd aspects. There were the bored teenagers prancing around on the edge of a high rise, much to the horror of on lookers! And how could we forget the place we had dinner. Not to imply it was any good. Tiernan’s raw mussels gave him a food poisoning so severe it turned a six hour drive to Venice into ten. We arrived back in the watery paradise of the first day of our tour with only just enough energy to get to the hotel and into bed! Oh the amazing joys of travelling! 🙂 Don’t worry everyone, he’s fine now.

















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