Restaurant Hopping [Boracay Edition]


It is a week since Tiernan went back to New Zealand which has seriously decreased the amount of fun times happening in Legaspi Village for sure! In addition to being sick and the extraordinary time I had at the Bureau of Immigration (good news – I have my work visa) the trip to Boracay seems a very long time ago.

My coping recipe has consisted of a thick novel, girly foody type movies and plenty of snacks. That has inspired me to finally put out the Boracay food blog πŸ™‚

We did a lot of eating. It started almost as soon as we got off the boat. It really did. We ate at this really cute little purple and white, rather chic Filipino restaurant called Pamana. Which I always want to call Panama, but that would be wrong. Pamana it is. We got a few dishes to share. Just a snack! They waiter was awesome. Tiernan liked him because he pointed all the fans towards him as soon as we sat down. The food wasn’t bad too! I would tell you what we had, but as it was all in Filipino I just don’t understand. We kind of took a guess and ordered something chicken. Excellent result πŸ˜‰




The price for a main in most of the places in Station 2 is between PHP250-450 depending on where you go. And you really can go anywhere. The beach front of station 2 offers you food from everywhere in the world. Drinks included we were spending PHP1200 per meal if you are planning your own trip. Alternatively, many of the larger hotels and resorts offer buffets (PHP260-700) where you can eat as much as you like. The prices and quality really vary, but any excuse to walk up and down the beach a few times deciding what you are up for, right?

Our first night involved Italian food… how wonderful is it to see gelato after a day in the sun?


There is a plethora of cute bean bag filled bars that spawn as the sun goes down. One we didn’t try is Mint Bar. We never got the chance to stop for a drink, but it is highly recommended by my lovely friend Brigette and, apparently, kiwi owned (always a plus). Sheesha (Hookah) and cocktails seem to be in vogue in Boracay, but I think I will always prefer a beer. Preferably beer and chinese food as we had on our last night. Reclining in beanbag chairs and watching the sun set at Bamboo Lounge. Are you jealous yet?





What did Tiernan have for dinner on his birthday (July 9), I hear you ask? Yellow Cab Pizza. Sure the old faithfuls are there. Subway… opening soon!


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