It has been a long, but productive week at work this week. I cannot say the same for the laundry place which has still failed to complete my tiny load four days later. If you know of a good laundry place near Greenbelt, I am looking for a new one!

This left me with the predicament of having no underwear for the weekend. Normally that would be fine if I was staying in town as I could keep hounding the laundry place. Unfortunately I am going to Batangas for a work colleague beach get away – thus an underwear emergency!

So I went for a stroll to SM Makati to procure new smalls and have a spot of dinner. When you live on your own in the Philippines it seems to be cheaper to eat out. I also achieved a long term goal since I moved to Manila that was to find a place that served edible pasta. Finally a carbonara that was creamy! Spaghetti Factory in Glorietta. A world of pasta-y choices.

The lad who brought my order out asked if I wanted parmesan. Of course, I said. Parmesan was grated plentifully onto my plate. Pepper? Why not, I said. But then he disappeared. He came back with a pepper grinder as tall as me! I was stunned. If I had been quicker at processing the ridiculousness of the waiter grinding pepper from five feet away I might have laughed. Instead I played it cool. The moment was over.

I made my regular visit to the puppies in the pet shop and left. When I got to the other-side of Landmark to head home I was met with this torrential down pour. I am home now, an hour later, and it is still pouring. This is the monsoon weather I remember for my childhood.

And there was me complaining I hadn’t used my gumboots yet! I was glad to be on foot because Manila just shuts down in the rain. Paseo de Roxas was in gridlock. No one is getting home tonight. This is also going to mean interesting things for our beach trip…

To make things more awesome I got home to my first ever piece of mail that wasn’t a bill! Tiernan sent me a koala post card from Perth. Two weeks later I have the lovely mispelt lines to make me smile. Best surprise ever ๐Ÿ™‚


After Dinner Surprises

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