What is in my monsoon kit?

There has been a lot of rain recently. It has had me thinking about my monsoon kit. This is, of course, from the perspective of one person living in a high rise. Where the biggest threat is being washed in to my tower, rather than being washed away.

It is a good idea to keep stock for a few days on hand at all times during the rainy season in the Philippines. This time is typically May through October, but thunderstorms can arrive as early as March. This year things kicked off at the end of May. Here are my top recommendations for the emergency kit!

Check out my Pintrest Monsoon Prepardness Board!

1. I might have had to wait for Tiernan to arrive in Manila to help, but I managed to procure a 6 litre bottle of water. At least one of these is essential per person to get you through 3 – 4 days.

2. A good flip knife and/or pair of scissors.

3. First aid kit: bad aids, iodine, strapping tape, safety pins – the basics.

4. Batteries and battery operated necessities. Mainly a torch and radio (to keep up to date when the power gets cut). I have solar powered versions as well – even a solar charger for my gadgets – but the absent sun will probably not provide enough juice!

5. Waterproof pouch for my passport and essential documents in case of evacuation.

6. Stocks of nonperishable foods. Tinned food is ideal. I am sure I don’t need to say this, but make sure to pick up a can opener as well.

7. Toilet paper. My Dad taught me to always have an emergency roll in the car. In the rainy season I try never to let myself get down to the last roll in the house. That is one emergency you just don’t want have!

8. Lighter and candles for doing any activities after 4pm πŸ™‚

9. Black bin liners (rubbish bags)

10. One good blanket. To keep you toasty while you wait. It is surprising how much the temperature drops when things get wet! It is a good idea to pick one that will keep you dry as well.

If you have anything in your emergency kit to add, please comment below!


3 thoughts on “What is in my monsoon kit?

  1. saw that you include lighter in your emergency bag, its a good thing you added that, I read alot of post that they forgot to add a lighter in their list. the only thing i would suggest is buy a good quality lighter for safety reason, like zippo lighter


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