On News and Routines

Happy Friday friends!

Many things are going well today. Pizza for lunch at work on Wednesday was well received. And by received I mean eaten. Then I come home to a waiting email from Expat Focus informing me that my blog was recommended to them for inclusion in their list of Ireland Expat Blogs. Although I am out of Ireland until next year, this is still fantastic news. I will be answering a wee question session for them and will be sure to link it here when that is published.

I thought I might do a little update on the cost of living in Manila – laundry for one lowly expat!

You will probably come across apartment options in Makati that have washing machines, but they do not come standard. My apartment is one such washingless apartment. So I have been doing some hit and miss venturing into the world of laundry places. In Makati you will not find do it yourself places. Instead you hand over your washing at a laundrette and dry cleaner and collect it two days later. I have to say it is great not having to do that particular chore!

About a month ago I had some trouble with the place that did my laundry. They might have done a 3kg load for PHP 85 (€1.47 ish), but the increasing number of times my clothes came back ripped or stained with oil (how on earth that happened I do not know!) really started to iritate me. I am still living on one suitcase worth of clothes after all. They then managed to rip my comforter and by then I’d had enough. I now go to another laundry place in Salcedo Village, Makati. More expensive, 3kgs for PHP 135 (€2.32 ish). I know it sounds little, but the level of expense to be relative to whether you are earning Philippine Pesos or another currency. After three visits to them I can safely say I have found some professionals who actually take care of my things.


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