Manila Cinema Experience

Why yes, I do persist in forgetting to send the games list home.

So lets talk about the weekend instead!

I haven’t been to the cinema that much this year. About four times since coming to Manila. I know this is probably more than many people go, but I really like seeing movies and usually consume a lot more film.

Going to the flicks in Manila is probably one of the better cinema experiences I have had globally. The reason for this is two-fold: the price and the snacks.

It costs PHP 220 -230 (about €4) to see a movie here in the capital of the Philippines, at least at the places I frequent (Greenbelt and Glorietta malls). I don’t remember movies being that cheap – even as a kid. I would ask where the money goes in Ireland, but I know the labour costs in the Philippines are so low it isn’t worth querying.

The next brilliant thing is that you can bring in any type of food imaginable. You want a bucket of fried chicken? Bring the chicken! It is fabulous and I wish I used that perk to its full extent.

So just imagine yourself in a theatre with a three course meal! It is possible. And so far, I have not seen any outrageous rubbish. Everyone has eaten with decorum. Wouldn’t see that in Auckland, I assure you.

Food in the cinema is a revelation and major plus points on the Manila lifestyle.

It can be full, just due to the sheer number of people around. So, on days I need a movie, ticket purchasing will normally happen at 11am when the cinema opens. Then arrive back five minutes before the start with your loot and take your allocated seat. It is a dream come true.

Moral to this story? See more movies.


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