7 Team Games from the Philippines

I have mentioned quite recently that I attended a social thing at work that involved teaming up and playing sports. I can now, finally, tell you a bit more about what we got up to! Way to go Hazel for planning this intense programme!

We began with a rendition of the Philippine and New Zealand national anthems. Typically, New Zealand wasn’t quick to come to the party there.


1. Sack Race
This seems to be a common game everywhere. Have sack will race.

2. Sipa
A kicking game, very much in the theme of hacky sack. In pairs, groups, or on your own, you kick a little lead disk with feathers around. The aim is to pass the sipa as many times as possible without dropping it. The more creative the pass, the better.

3. Dr. Quack Quack
I have no idea why this is called Dr. Quack Quack. You will probably have seem this before in some form. The game involves tying your group in a knot, however instead of everyone grabbing a different hand and working together to untangle yourself, one person tangles their group. It is the up to a delegate from the opposing team to untangle you.


4. Paluan ng Palayok
“Hit the Earthen Pot” is my type of game. Perhaps not as rewarding as pinata, it involves smashing things. One candidate with a big stick is blind folded and, under the guidance of their team, must locate and smash an earthen pot.

5. Tumbang Preso
“Hit the Can”. I had left by this stage, but from what I understand, one team guards a can and the opposing team attempts to hit is. I really do not understand how this game is won… if you know please tell me in the comments!

6. Patintero
In this game a rectangular grid is split into four or six sections. One team has to try to cross the grid. The opposing team must catch the players without stepping off the lines.

7. Agawang Buko
“Grab the Coconut” is essentially coconut rugby, but with fewer rules. Get the coconut to your base to score.


Absolutely no thanks to me, my team won.

The part I liked the most was snack time. I am still drinking from my horde of mango juice.



One thought on “7 Team Games from the Philippines

  1. Kids in Ireland play ‘Tip the Can’ which I guess is the same or similar as ‘Hit the Can’. It’s an infiltration game where you have to tip the can before the person guarding it catches you. It’s great fun!


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