Fabulous French Food


Six in the evening on a Saturday and my friends and I are taxiing through the outskirts of Makati to La Bistro d’Aganthe. When we pull up on the corner of Lacuna St. cor. Rodriguez Avenue in Bangkal the unassuming street prescene made us wonder if we were in the right (as did the stay dogs and seemingly constant stream of topless men!).

Although it has been a French Bistro for over three years now, the first question everyone brings up whenthey enter is “What happened to Fat Michael’s?”. Fat Michael’s is the site’s burgery predecessor. The answer is – it’s gone. Transformed, in fact, into a boutique eatery for 16-20 people and open 7 days.

The bistro was initially opened by a French chef who relocated from Puerta Galera. It is now helmed by Chef Michel who is a delightful import from Nice. His own art now graces the walls which were previously covered by the superhero portraits in the photos of the Our Awesome Planet review of 2011. The food is very much still like what Anton has photographed and I do recommend checking out his fantastic food photos (ipods just do not do the goodness justice).

Then menu consists of an interesting mix of French, kind of French, and not at all French really food. Terrine was a popular starter on the night we visited. It is a cold meatloaf, I rcommend eating it with the ample amounts of complemntary french bread. There are also stroganoff, beef steak, and cabonara pasta options, to name a few. Mains start at PHP290 for the pasta dishes and grow from there to a cool PHP890 for their lovely Steak Tenderloin with Bleu Cheese. They also offer a fantastic set meal option of three courses, price does vary depending on what you order. I thorougly recommend the pasta, it is a rare find in the Philippines to find a pasta that isn’t sweet and or creamy!

Having arrived at the very unfrench time of 6.30pm we had a lot of time to talk to the lovely Chef Michel and team. They took the time to explain the dishes to us, give us a little history of the restaurant, and just make the eating experience a genuinely fun time. I absolutely recommend this off the beaten track gem!

Check out their Facebook page for the latest updates from La Bistro d’Agathe.


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