Coron Island Tour: From Dawn Til Lunch

I can hardly believe it is November already! That means it is fewer than 100 days, 93 days to be exact, until I go back to New Zealand to fetch Tiernan. That can’t come soon enough! In the meantime I am off to hospital again tomorrow, still in the process of diagnosing what the problem is, which is adding to my desire for a proper holiday. Oh well! πŸ™‚

It’s All Souls Day today. The three day weekend has allowed me to sift through last weekend’s photo haul and relive the amazing island hopping trip Dad and I took to Coron on Saturday.

We were transfered from hotel to Banka boat at 8.30 in the morning. With our guide cheerily talking about the differences between Busuanga and Puerto Princesa we charged towards this amazing sight! Sheer cliffs, slightly hidden by haze.




1. Kayangan Lake
Stop number one was practically deserted when we arrived. Our guide dismissed us for the ten minute walk over the mountain to the lake (he was to begin cooking out lunch). We then spent an hour lounging around, enjoying the morning sun. Supposidly, Kayangan Lake is the cleanest lake in Asia, and judging by the fact I could see right to the bottom from the boardwalk I would have to agree!







2. Coral Garden Snorkelling
The second stop was another ten minutes away by Banka. One thing I loved about the trip was that those who didn’t want to be left to their own devices could don life jackets and be pulled through the water by the guides. It was really great for all skill levels. As for the gardens themselves, there were so many fish I could hardly believe it! It was Dad’s first time ever snorkelling, and what a place to do it!






3. Lunch
Next stop was another empty, white sandy beach for a lunch of lovely Filipino food. Although I am not mad about pork liempo, it is mostly fat, the dishes were beautiful and it was great to relax on the beach with a bev!







Am I going to leave you hanging? Well yes, yes I am! After lunch it only got better!


2 thoughts on “Coron Island Tour: From Dawn Til Lunch

  1. Rachel your photos are really amazing – you so capture the atmosphere, I could imagine being there.
    Some of the pics remind me of Milford Sound with the clear, deep water and high, luscious cliffs.
    Look forward to seeing more when you get around to it. All good here. Trish


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