Coron Island Tour: From Lunch Til Dusk

The Halloween decorations are coming down all over the show and being replaced with yet more Christmas stuff! I don’t know where it’s all coming from, but I am sure there will be an extraordinary Christmas photo run coming up in a few weeks. The obnoxious Christmas tunes began in August! August!

As for the hospital stuff, everything has been closed over All Souls weekend, but after waking up at three with a face covered in itches, I decided to just go to the emergency room. Without a dermatologist on call all they could do was treat it like a serious allergic reaction. Around 9am I was jabbed with something jabby and I woke up at 11, swayed home with orders to return tomorrow, and slept again til 3pm. So really I had fewer answers than when I went in, plus a sore shoulder.

I guess that is a good cue for adventure snaps…

4. CYC Beach
After lunch we motored off to CYC Beach. This is a popular little spot for casual grazers thanks to its shallow water and white sand. After the excitement of the Coral Garden I thought it was a let down, but those who weren’t the best swimmers seemed to love just lounging about. Dad took off in a kayak, which was rather hilarious. Kayaking was an option included free with the tour!



5. Twin Lagoon
They said they would save the best for last! Approaching twin lagoon involved winding through cathedral coves and tying up against a cliff. The water here is an interesting mix of warm salt water on the bottom with a layer of cool fresh water on the surface. When you look under water, you can see the two layers blending in a really interesting way. It looked like oil separated from water in a glass.

After jumping down from the Banka boat we swam (or were towed) throug a cave into a second beautiful lagoon. Our guide delighted in showing us how the towering cliffs echoed and how the water on the bottom was significantly warmer, so bizarre! Everyone was amazed and exstatic to be there.







The tour headed back to Coron Town for about 4.30pm. Everyone shattered, of course. Coron Island is one of the most spectacular places I have ever been and the tour organised through the hotel was amazing value. PHP1500 per person, about NZ$45, included transfers, tour, beach and location fees, lunch, regular bevs. There is a non-optional docking fee upon return of PHP150 pp to which we added our tip.

Time for a well earned beer in a local bar to watch the sunset!



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