Airport Transport in Manila… and Steak

I’m home in my apartment again. Watching Channel V and listening to a song entitled ‘Juicy Juicy’, which seems inappropriately upbeat. My place of work has been pulling together to make a big parcel of water, canned goods and other necessities of life to send down to Tacloban and Ormoc.

And then I remembered that this little airport from a couple of weeks ago is basically destroyed…


So lovely.

Unfortunately, the NAIA airport end in Manila is not as interesting. At Terminals 1 and 2 I have found that there is only one transport option – a fixed price cab (white ones). It is PHP440 to Makati from Terminal 1 and 2. Even that is more than double what a metered taxi costs from Makati out to NAIA (normally PHP180). Do not pay more.

I do recommend asking that they take you on the Skyway to avoid the traffic. It is an extra PHP20, payable at the toll booth.

At Terminal 3, Cebu Pacific, there are the alternatives of a fixed price taxi or a metered taxi (yellow ones). If you intend to Skyway and are only going to Makati then it is going to be a lot cheaper to take a metered taxi. Instead of the regular PHP40 flag fall and PHP3.50 for every 300 meteres, an airport taxi is about PHP70 flagfall and then PHP5 per 300 meters.

It is hard to judge the traffic if you are new in town, but I have not had any trouble taking a metered taxi from Terminal 3 in the early evening (6ish).

I always get at least a little bit of hastle trying to leave the airport. That is probably to do with being white and female. My advice is know what is fair (the prices noted above) and look like you know what you’re doing.

You could always pop out to the main road and catch a Jeepney? 🙂


All photos by Dad 🙂

PS, went to Top of the Citi for dinner. Best steak ever. Chef Jessie is a superstar!



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