Christmas in Mordor and Manila Transport Joys


I haven’t done anything blog worthy recently since work is winding down for the year and I am winding up for my awesome holiday…

Yep, leave that hanging.

I suppose I could tell you about my jeepney/train adventure to Mall of Asia, but I got told off for taking photos so I will have to try another adventure to get photos for a Manila transport blog.

Basically, my friend and I decided to take a Saturday MRT train ride from Ayala to Taft (PHP10 or €0.16 per way for two stops) and then a five minute jeepney up EDSA (PHP8 or €0.13 per way) to Mall of Asia. So instead of paying the hefty €4 taxi fair, we got to the mall and back for €0.58.

But as I said, I got told off for taking photos. No real reason, just the mood of the guard.

Last Friday we had our office party. It was Lord of the Rings themed and our work areas got a make over!


Almost a week later and I still work down by Mt Doom. We were also given characters to dress up as. We soon found some of us are more creative than others. Check out Gollum!



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