Wandering Wat Pho


Right across the water from Wat Arun is Wat Pho – home of the beautiful and reverent, reclining buddha.

It costs 100BHT to get in and it definitely pays to get there around opening time. The sacred site absolutely teems with tourist which juxtaposes very awkwardly with the genuine worshippers… However, Wat Pho typically isn’t a pilgrimage site.




Wat Pho is beautiful. Supposedly, it is the birth place of Thai massage. Now I had one of those while in Thailand and can safely say it was horrifically painful. But it is the kind of pain you forget about really quickly, so I really want another massage. Right now.

According to wikipedia, the site of Wat Pho used to be a place for education about traditional medicine and yoga. I guess that explains why I saw so many yoga fans there – best pay homage to a home of the art, right?





The lovely, mother or pearl feet of the reclining buddha are inscribed with the 108 auspicious symbols of buddha. If you are looking for good fortune, the wat also has 108 small bowls that you can drop coins into – one at a time in a line, before you leave.

Remember a modest dress code is enforced, as with any spiritual place typically does.


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