Reminiscing on Sentosa

There are a lot of pictures in the post and I feel like I have a lot to say. We didn’t visit Sentosa on the most picturesque of days. To be honest, even after being in Manila for 9 months the mugginess of Singapore was a bit much. So the overcast skies were welcome.

I had been dying to visit Sentosa again for a long time. I last visited before it was Resorts World, back in 1999. Tiernan had never been at all. Luckily, the spirit of the island hasn’t changed much from when I was 11.


We took the monorail in and made our way tour first port of call – the Southern-most point of continental Asia! (Monorail is about SGD4) It might have been a Friday, but a lot of other people had the same idea about lounging on the beach. A low hanging rope bridge crosses the lagoon to the two viewing towers. Plenty of space for sunning and dunking on both sides.





We moved on, catching the shuttlebus back up towards the monorail stop. One of my favourite memories about my childhood is the Merlion light show. Of course, we were visiting just after lunch so there were no lights, but we took the lift to the top for views and roars! (SGD12 to enter the big Merlion)




There were still plenty of cool displays around for Chinese New Year. Tiernan naturally found the drums and took over!


Trying to fit all of Sentosa’s attractions into one visit was just not possible. So we picked Fort Siloso (an old favourite, but definitely tired and neglected, which says a lot about how World War II is leaving living memory and heading into the realm of history) and the luge and Skyline. I am not going to post any photos of the Fort, as I said, it was pretty sad. And we were disappointed that the laser tag was closed when we got there. But the luge made up for it. One ride and the chair lift for SGD13.

We have set a new bucket-list-esque goal of trying out all the Skyline Skyrides! Since we’ve done the one in Rotorua, NZ, I guess our next stop should be Canada!!



By the time we had finished up with our activities it was after 6 p.m. Time to head to the cable car and work our way home. The smoggy sunset looked strangely attractive. We went around for 1 and a half rides, which I think is a bit cheeky of us, but we were fairly confused about which of the stops to get off at. Also we were fascinated by watching the dining cable cars go round. Did you know you can wine and dine in the Singapore Cable Car? Neither did I! Looks fun!




4 thoughts on “Reminiscing on Sentosa

    • I think that is a really poorly judged comment to post. Every travel experience is “authentic”.

      Obviously, I was taken to Sentosa as a theme-park style vacation as a child and wanted to revisit those memories. I’d say that’s pretty authentic.

      Some people might enjoy a resorts world visit and who are you, or I, or anyone else to say that is not an authentic travel experience.

      If someone wants to visit Sentosa it is just as authentic and legitimate as, perhaps, hiking in the Gobi Desert, or anywhere else someone might feel inclined to go.


      • Ah, I’m sorry, please let me rephrase that: immersive, rather than authentic. I thought when you said the area was very different when you had first visited and was not a resort town, I’m sorry I misconstrued that. I had meant that it would be a little bittersweet to see a small town or city turn into a thriving tourist center since your last visit, I’ve experienced that myself and felt rather sad. If it was simply a smaller resort town when you had last visited, it would be very exciting to see how others had begun to appreciate the wonderful place you had spent time as a child. I was not saying resorts are a bad vacation at all, I actually loved visiting Ocean City Maryland with my family as a child and that is very much a tourist oriented area, and we even stayed in a condo looking over the water with straw hats and all the other fun touristing accoutrements. And if it is similar to how it was in your childhood, how great that it has only gotten better! Those drums and the bridge looked pretty darn cool. Sorry if I misunderstood some of your writing.


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