The last thing we did during our Singapore trip was really the whole point we did a stop over at all – visited Legoland Malaysia. Now, I am a big fan of Lego and New Zealand does not have a Leogland at all, so it was a bit like being the adult who never got to go to Disneyland as a kid and then finally gets to go. We went from seeing the real merlion to the teeny plastic one!



Something you should know about me, I am quite scared of heights. That also means I have a problem with big drops and normally can’t handle rollercoasters, but the rides at Legoland sit just on the turning point between fun and scary (ie. they don’t go upside which ways). Judging by the picture below, I was having a pretty good time! Weeee!




Tiernan and I were so a buzz with Lego! What was even more perfect is that it was only a few days before the Lego Movie came out (which is an awesome movie). The last few weeks have been all Lego all the time. we even bought a little set to put together once we got back to Manila.

I really related to Legoland Malaysia because it was a miniature version of every where I have lived and loved. Like the Omar Ali Suffudien Mosque in Bandar, where I lived as a kid, Looks exactly like the real thing!




We spent the morning walking around like tourists with our big ol’ backpacks on! Eventually we worked out (too late) that there are lockers around the place – and big ones in the waterpark area – so we really didn’t need to carry all our gear with us. We spent the afternoon in the waterpark, so there aren’t any photos. Indeed, I left my camera battery in Singapore, so I carried my camera around all day and couldn’t use it! Thank goodness for iPhones, right? How could I live with myself without a picture of Tiernan pretending to feed a lego parrot? Seriously.





In the end it was a really long day. All morning walking around Legoland. All afternoon going up and down the water slides. Racing back to Legoland to have one last re-match on the tomb ride. Then getting back to Singapore by coach at 9.30pm! Sleepy, sunburned, happy, worth it!


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