Revisiting Powerscourt in Winter


Over a year ago I made this post about visiting Powerscourt on a snowy day in January. Now, going through my old SD cards I have come across the rest of the photos from that day. I am really enjoying looking at the icy lake. I think the muted colors are quite spectacular and can’t wait to see them in person again. Sitting in 30 degree heat, I cannot remember what it was like to be cold – and that day I was really very cold. I am winding up my time in the Philippines, ready to head back to Ireland in time for Summer. Hopefully, it will be a good 6 months before I am that cold again. After 18 months winter is, finally, coming.






DSC_0178 DSC_0197

Not too sure why I’m kissing a tree, but it seems like a good idea! Yay tree!


I love ice. I think it’s really deceptive. I have this fantasy of the lake being frozen solid and just having a great skate around it. While I was in Ireland we didn’t seem to get any serious white outs, not like previous years. But I was still massively impressed because there is no snow in Auckland at all so I never really grew up with it. I didn’t have a winter-sport family so we never went away to the snow in winter. That said, I did learn to figure skate – badly. That career ended promptly after two dislocated knees, but as I never really had any talent for it I am sure I was no loss to the sport 😛

On a happier note, I think winter is the most romantic time of year. It makes me think of snuggling and hot chocolates.

 DSC_0239 DSC_0268 DSC_0288 DSC_0322314152_10151407956681703_1956198675_n DSC_0353 Tiernan Powerscourt Winter

This is a really nice photo of Tiernan, but I wish I’d taken that paper bag off him!

So those are my lost photos of Powerscourt. I seem to forget about photos now and then. Always lovely to stumble upon memories. That does remind me to get out amongst it next weekend – the last one in Manila! Maybe forever!


7 thoughts on “Revisiting Powerscourt in Winter

  1. Rachel, I was just about to log of my computer when your post come through & what a treat to see these gorgeous photos of Powerscourt. I never got to visit this place but I’ve got it firmly placed on my list of places to see next time I’m in Ireland. Thanks for sharing them. I’m envious that you will be going back to Ireland soon.


    • It’s so lovely, isn’t it? I found them and had an “oh my goodness” moment. Absolutely love this spot. Please do come to Ireland again! We could even have lovely warm beverages in the cafe there. It would be fabulous 🙂


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