This awesome thing…

Just picked up this awesome thing from a charcoal artist in the mall. PHP1000 for them to convert a photograph into a work of art. And in less than a week! Sure, I think my eyes are a little small, but it is pretty awesome to have myself and Tiernan in art-form. This will be going on the wall when we get our new home in Belfast.

You may remember Florence 2013…


Is now this…


Pretty darn pleased, I have to say. I’m trying to think of cool ways to preserve our travel memories. This blog is one thing, it really captures my thoughts at the time. I am also working on some photo albums, but they seem to be taking forever. I’m even putting together something interesting for all of you that should be out in time for Christmas!


9 thoughts on “This awesome thing…

  1. Have you considered Snapfish? If you have time, take a look at the album I did for all my Ireland photos. Here’s the link: [it’s massive, I know]

    A lot of my old photos which are stuck in albums are starting to show signs of ageing. This way the photos stay the same colours as when you took them.


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