Beginning to Say ‘Goodbye’ to Makati

Today was the last Friday I would have to walk from my end of Legaspi Village, and my lovely white apartment, to work. I filmed the whole 20 or so minutes – for posterity. I had this plan to film my last day – and I did – but it turned out not to be interesting after 11 hours of work (yay for overtime!). The best part about staying late at work is that they often feed you. We had pancit (noodles) one night, lasagne the next, and Filipino spaghetti tonight. Oh my goodness it was just as good as it looks. I wish I had lunchboxed some to take home. Oh boy, oh boy!

DSC_0025\ DSC_0028

After work I decided to pop down to Landmark and grab some cheese and bread for tomorrow’s toasted sandwich breakfast – almost the last breakfast I will have in my own home. It’s all very bitter sweet. I took a few snaps of the walk down Makati Ave. Clouds are rolling in and I can tell that the rainy season is on its way again. Right now, May, is my favourite time of year, because the lightening storms thunder about the sky, but there is little or no rain. It is really spectacular to sit, at night, in the outside bars of Greenbelt and watch the sky light up ominously!


One thing I am not going to miss are these: the jeepney queues and the traffic – particularly on a Friday night. All these poor people. I bet they are still waiting there now. People everywhere!



So now I am going to go through the last of my cupboards, getting the cleaning supplies ready for the weekend and enjoy one of the last sleep in my cosy bed. Being both sad and happy at the same time. Sad to be leaving the Philippines. Happy to be heading back to my brother’s 21st birthday party, my Mum and Dad, and – eventually – Ireland and Tiernan. Oh sad happies!



2 thoughts on “Beginning to Say ‘Goodbye’ to Makati

  1. Hi Rachel, What a great expression “Sad nappies” I love it. As the school year draws to a close here, and some friends are moving away, that is just the feeling. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog and the follow. Enjoy your last days in the Philippines. Chris


    • Hi Chris, thank you for the return visit! I am still reading your blog and I have been inspired to give edX a go – I’m browsing their courses right now as well.

      Man, that is one embarrassing typo… it was supposed to be sad happies. But sad nappies is so hilarious I think it will have to stay!



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