Namnam on my Final Filipino Food!

After my final day at work one of my colleagues met me for dinner in Greenbelt. We went to Namnam restaurant in Greenbelt 2, which specialises in Filipino food. I figured my final meal in Manila should be Filipino food because it could be a while before I have it again. We considered the menu before ordering some staples!

namnam makati manila philippines

1. Ensalada. This is a fern salad with duck eggs. In New Zealand we don’t eat fern all that often – at least not at my house. This was a really crisp take on salad that I could definitely get used to.

ensalada makti manila philippines namnam

2. I got to choose the rice dish. So I went for university rice which is fried rice, beef and a fried egg. Fried egg makes everything look happy!

university rice namnam makati manila philippines

3. Our other side dish was these spring roll type yums. Except they are filled with goat cheese and chorizo! I don’t know what they are called, but if you google goat cheese and chorizo rolls you will find the recipe.

chorizo rolls namnam makati manila philippines

4. Karekare with Oxtail. Karekare is a Philippine stew, but more like a satay dream. Everything, beans, eggplant, cabbage, and even tripe, is doused in this delicious peanut sauce that just goes with everything!

karekare makati manila philippines namnam


Earlier in the day, Sam and I received a farewell cake since we were both finishing up work today. It was delicious. In fact, we had two farewell cakes! One was chocolate sponge and one was a meringue, custard ice-cream cake. So good!

goodbye we will miss you rachel cake chocolate sponge gelato cake

And if that wasn’t enough… Jovelle brought me Taho for breakfast. Taho is warm tofu with caramelized sugar syrup and tapioca (or sago) pearls. It’s a common street food in the Philippines – yum. When Tiernan and I visited Boracay there were taho vendors, magtataho, going up and down the beach yelling “Tahhhooooo.” That’s how you know how to find it.

taho beancurd tapioca pearls caremalised sugar syrup phiippines street food


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