Walking to Kitekite Falls

I have been home for about 5 days and I am not even close to being sick of holidays. The weather has been nice and the food has been just endless 🙂 yum! My brother turned 21 last Saturday and we were living off the left overs until yesterday! Plenty of time to go through the hundreds of photos on my hard drive!

When Tiernan was still in New Zealand we took a family trip to one of my childhood haunts – Piha Beach. My nana used to live out here in the 1920s and my family basically never left the rugged west coast.

There is a lovely little bush walk at the top of Glen Esk Road to Kitekite Falls.

Kitikiti Falls Piha

It’s a very short walk – maybe 15 minutes if you’re taking your time – from the carpark to the waterfall. It isn’t push-chair friendly and there are some stairs on the second half of the track, but the gradient is pretty gentle and easy enough for a nice stroll.

The falls drop into a large lake, which in the summer, is also an awesome place to swim.

Kitikiti Falls Piha

Tiernan really enjoyed clambering over the rocks and pretending to meditate (I don’t think meditation is in either our repertoires).

Kitikiti Falls Piha Kitikiti Falls Piha

There is a lot of pioneering history in Piha. There was once a large timber mill here, which was used to mill the massive Kauri trees of the Waitakere Ranges. At that time Kitekite Falls was dammed. There are still some old milling remnants littered about the forest. The Piha blog has some lovely old pictures of the dam being tipped. The water doesn’t get that high these days, even with the winter rains.


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