Piha Beach – More from the wild west!

Here is the rest of the lovely and wild Piha Beach! About 45 minutes drive from my parents’ Auckland house are the Waitakere Ranges and the West Coast Beaches.

Piha is a black sand, iron sand, beach with wicked surf. As lovely as it is, unless you’re a strong swimmer I wouldn’t recommend trying the water. There is a wicked undertow and a rip that travels up and down the beach.


My dad used to camp out here when he was little and, of course, my brothers and I did the same as well. There is something about sleeping under canvas and listening to the waves crashing on the beach! Amazing.

Piha Piha

There is still a lovely campsite in Piha and the best part of staying out there is being mostly alone on the beach after the day trippers have left!


4 thoughts on “Piha Beach – More from the wild west!

  1. Piha Beach… Jayz, I was there 15 years ago. Thanks for bringing back the memories. (I don’t have photographs of my own, the muppet in Spectra photo destroyed 8 rolls on black and white film in the machine used for processing colours films…)


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